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Older logo; Received from Edward.

Grey:  #5B5E67

Blue:  #002D7E

PDF titled “Car Tag”

Grey: #7D7F82

Background: #262323


Current Website

Grey: #878787


Development site; On this page in header, grey also on current site with white letters (above)

Grey: #878787

Letters: #000000 Black

Initially on this dev site.

Grey: #666666

Letters: #000000 Black

Persons – No sector

Grey: #727B84

‘Logo – Persons – Construction ‘  —- This file was sent as a photoshop (psd) and a PDF.  Assuming its the same one, but cannot open either.  Says its corrupted.  Tried several ways to open

Also one titled ‘Disaster Light’ but its so small the grey is diluted.  

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